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Amy Holman is a literary consultant, poet and prose writer, the author of six poetry collections, and a writer's guide. Her newest poetry collection, Captive, arrived in October 2023, from Saddle Road Press. She writes a monthly newsletter on what literary journals publish, and she is also one of the poetry editors at The Westchester Review.


As a guest speaker, she has appeared at writers conferences, arts councils, writing programs, and literary centers, including the 21 Bread Loaf Writers Conferences, three Conversations & Connections, Delaware Arts Council, Emerson College, NYU, New Directions for Writing, The New School, Adirondack Center for Writing, Marin Poetry Center, and North Carolina Writers Network. 

As a literary consultant, Amy teaches writers of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction how to get published, be savvy about the writing business, and communicate about their writing in conversation, and in print. Her practical, custom-tailored methodology for evaluating publishing points of view has been a benefit to the thousands of writers who have attended her lectures and seminars or hired her for individual consultations.

Amy frequently teaches bespoke publishing one-on-one tutorials through Zoom or by phone and email, and poetry workshops at The Hudson Valley Writers Center.

When not writing or consulting, Amy expresses her creativity in other ways, including watercolor painting, photography, and knitting. She blogged twice about knitting in society for The Huffington Post in 2007. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. 

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